12 Jun 2019

We try to keep our blog informative, useful, and as a resource for all of your information technology needs. But sometimes – we need to shake it up. We found some of the internet’s most cringe-worthy photos of cable management (Can you really even call these “management”?!) To our surprise, this seems to happen enough that there’s an entire social media site on Reddit roasting the worst structured cabling projects.  


Welcome to this week’s round up of the WORST cabling fails of all time. 

Here’s what NOT to do…. and if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, please call us.


Fail #1 – A Cry for Help

Our technicians might actually cry.

Credit: Reddit 



Fail #2 – “They Asked Me to Find TV 6”

Maybe check the Post Its on the wall….. 

Credit: Reddit



Fail #3 – Just Run 

“Yeah, it’s just the yellow cable on the right…..”

Credit: Reddit



Fail #4 – Found in a Building of Engineers 

Why? WHY?

Credit: Reddit 



Fail #5 – Guts Hanging Out 

Did it just move….?

Credit: Reddit


If your cabling looks even somewhat similar to images 1-5…. Have no fear! LVS is here