The Details


FedEx, which projected in late 2014 that it would be spending $1.2 billion on more than 70 major expansion projects in the U.S. for FedEx Ground according to the company’s website, engaged LVS to support part of that growth.


  • Camera systems in four new locations: Tacoma, Wash.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Houston; and Boulder, Colo.
  • The project consisted of roughly 35 cameras at each site, with a little less at the Tennessee and Colorado locations.
  • FedEx is using the camera system to monitor conveyor systems moving packages from one point to another. FedEx facility managers are able to identify the source of a problem – and a solution – quickly. The cameras have built-in technology for remote viewing as well. Boxes of different sizes pose challenges as they travel the conveyor with small, narrow boxes posing the greatest challenge.


The biggest challenge of doing out-of-state work was access to parts. LVS jumped hurdles by maintaining good relationships with suppliers located in regional offices.

About The Project