The Details


Architect Henry Ives Cobb designed this eighteen-floor building that sits along Michigan Avenue in the heart of the Loop in 1893. After years of being one of Chicago’s crown jewels, the CAA closed its doors in 2007. The building had fallen in disrepair until developers snapped it up in 2015. Today, it stands as one of Chicago’s swankiest hotels.


  • Supplied voice and data cabling, one main telephone closet, 4 IDF (distribution) closets throughout the vertical risers, a CCTV and security system, installation of 85 cameras and servers, and a card reader system.
  • Connected all the closets with copper and fiber optic cable.
  • Installed a full audiovisual system in one of several boardrooms. While guests listen to the rich sounds of Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington, the background music is unobtrusively hidden among 72 speakers throughout the building.
  • A distributed antennae system, similar to wireless access points, allows topnotch mobile phone service and Internet access.


Working within an existing building is oftentimes a challenge. A historic building designated with landmark status is even more so. Unlike new construction, where access for cabling is straightforward, crews must work around tight spaces and unexpected surprises.

About The Project