12 Aug 2019

It may seem like a no-brainer – high quality sound within an conference or meeting room improves overall efficiency. But, you would be surprised at how often proper sound systems and sound masking gets overlooked. Whether its a hospital room setting, large corporate offices, or a family-run company – sound plays a big role in how employees/customers work on a daily basis.

Think of your weekly team meeting and all that goes into it. How does your CEO review company updates and goals? It may be with a projector or technology that requires sound for proper communication. Is it a conference room for 20 people or a presentation room seating 100+? Regardless of the size, you want the person in back row to hear the same sound quality as the front row seat. Having a proper speaker system will ensure that all parties will hear the highest quality audio, which increases efficiency.

During that presentation, are you able to hear the daily hustle that is going on throughout the rest of the office? If you can hear a pin drop, than it is likely that you organization has a proper sound masking solution. Sound masking is defined as a the process of adding background sound to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy, and increase office comfort. It is ambient background sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech for greater speech privacy. It seems counter intuitive, but adding sound to a space actually makes it seem quieter. Simply put: if there are less sound distractions, efficiency will improve. Aside from sound systems, there are also sound absorbing materials such as acoustic wall panels and movable walls to help sound become louder and clearer. This helps reduce echos and reverberation and increase volume and clarity.

At the end of the day, sound is a very important aspect of an organization’s overall productivity, efficiency, and success. Whether its having proper sound communication in conference rooms or sound masking throughout the space – it is an investment that will pay dividends throughout your organization’s life. LVS has designed and installed many sound systems for a variety of customers – hospitals, universities, office space, etc. We would love the opportunity to improve your overall efficiency by implementing a sound system that meets your unique needs. Get in touch with us here for more information on your next project!