Technology systems in the workplace can be a headache for a bunch of different reasons, but there are some easy ways to make things simpler. One of the most effective ways end-users and general/electrical contractors can reduce their costs and have seamless installation and maintenance is to work with a full-service low voltage systems provider – as we like to call a “One-Stop Shop.” This includes all structured cabling, access control, CCTV, AV, and fire alarm systems.

Reduced Costs

Bundling your technology systems with one company can significantly cut your technology costs. By letting one company handle all of your systems, you can reduce the amount of labor and companies involved in the design and install process. This gives the contractor a better picture of the overall integrated systems, which makes work more efficient and seamless – overall reducing costs.

Unified Responses

Having one integrator ensures that you are provided turnkey solutions that meets your precise specifications. Every inch of your electronic systems, from the angle of each security camera to the distance between fire alarms on a given floor will be carefully mapped to meet both your and regulatory requirements. A unified response from a system integrator can make processing change orders or other small requests for alteration with much faster, and let the integrator look toward the long term upkeep your products demand.

More Options

Using one contractor can give you more options when it comes to integrating technology. For example, setting your fire alarm system to send mobile device alerts to employees or pushing security footage to authorities or staff with one touch is an option you may not have with separate contractors.

Long Term Relationship

One of the best benefits of using a one-stop shop low voltage contractor is the trusted relationship that is build along the way. This goes for both the end-user and general/electrical contractors. For end-user side, you have one contractor that is maintaining the integrity of your systems and making sure they staying up to date with technology advances. For the contractor side, you have a trusted low voltage partner that you can trust will deliver with any system on any type of project.

Low Voltage Solutions has built strong relationships with both end-users & contractors over the last 23 years. We are thankful for the trust our customers put in us and look forward to delivering on that trust each and every day. We’d love to talk more about how we can help add these benefits to your company – Get in touch with us!