20 Nov 2019

Belden Digital Electricity™ Cables allow end-users to take advantage of the Digital Electricity application, safely providing lots of power over long distances. The cables were designed in conjunction with VoltServer, the creator of Digital Electricity, to ensure that they will support the application in all situations. Cables are available in hybrid copper/fiber constructions to transmit power and data over long distances in a single cable run.

Why Digital Electricity™?

+ Power Over Long Distances: 

Delivers much more power across much longer distances – 20x more power or distance than Power over Ethernet (PoE) with up to 2,000W across a reach of up to 2km

+ Safety:

Can be touched without the risk of dangerous electrical shock

+ Cost Effective:

No conduit, low-cost labor; electricians aren’t required for cable installation

+ Speed of Deployment:

Flexibility along with speed to deployment and speed to change

+ Space Savings:

Reduced real-estate needs – bypass IDF closets to zones (for Belden DE Cable)

LVS partner’s with Parallel Solutions, Inc. & WESCO to provide the best possible products for our customer’s needs. Interested in learning how you can apply Belden Digital Electricity™ Cables to your next project? Get in touch with us here!

*Digital Electricity is a trademark of VoltServer