03 Jul 2019

Campus Safety and Security Data put out a report that stated between 2012 and 2104, there were 62,787 burglaries, robberies, and vehicle theft within college dorms throughout the United States. That number being ONLY reported crimes. Fast forward to 2019 and it is continuously on the rise. We can all agree that security in education is one of the most important investments the institution can make. Especially student housing. College campuses become millions of students homes for 4 years. 


With the high number of students living in dorms, allows for people to come and go as they please. This makes it difficult to keep track of who is coming in and out at certain times of day. Access Control systems can be a part of the solution to keep our youth safe.

Old School

Most college dorms are still only using the lock and key system as it did for nearly a hundred years. These days, it just isn’t enough. Keys can be copied, shared, or locks picked. There are also multiple doors – to get into the residence, dorm room, laundry room, etc. It just isn’t practical anymore. With an access control system, everything can be programmed with one key fob. Each student would have a fob that gives them access to whichever areas allowed and keep them out of areas they are not supposed to be in. 

High Student Turnover 

The majority of colleges & universities require their students to live on campus, especially for freshman year. More housing opportunities are available as your seniority increases. This means that dorm residents are moving in and out every semester. Instead of tracking down thousands of keys every semester (not to mention having to change locks) administration can discontinue the student’s access to their old dorm. It makes it a much simpler, cost-effective process. 

The Unknown 

There are a lot of young adults running around in one place on a college campus. It can be a challenge to track who is coming in and out of a building and when. Having an access control systems allows universities to collect data on what time and where students and faculty are leaving and entering different areas of the campus. In addition, CCTV are a perfect companion to access control. This will then show video surveillance of who is entering and leaving facilities. 

A lot of colleges and universities have already implemented access control and video surveillance campus wide. Given the amount of burglaries and school shootings happening, we have to act and protect our youth. As the challenges continue to arise, we are dedicated to helping institutions design a security system that will help them provide a safe environment for their students and faculty.

As the summer continues on, LVS is hard at work installing upgrades and changes for our school district and university  customers before the new school year begins. If your institution is looking to upgrade its security, please get in touch with us here and we will work to design a system that is right for your needs.