27 Jun 2019

We had the pleasure of participating in our long-time customer, Silver Cross Hospital’s 28th Annual Charity Golf Classic this past Monday at Crystal Tree Country Club in Orland Park. LVS Project Manager, Mark Graczyk, played in the tournament with customer Block Electric and Graybar’s own, Jeff Beutjer. The golf outing was put on to support Silver Cross’s new Open Heart Surgery Program that was unanimously granted by the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board earlier this year.

One of the features of the golf outing this year was a free shot at a 2019 D’Arcy GMC SUV and $10,000 with a Hole-In-One. Little did Mark & Jeff know…. they would BOTH be inches from taking home both prizes! Check out both of their shots and just how close they were to being $10,000 richer in a new car…

Mark’s distance away from $10,000 (yes, he made the put)


Jeff’s distance from a new GMC SUV


It hurts to look at, doesn’t it?! Win or lose we are proud of these guys supporting our customers! Maybe next year…

12 Jun 2019

We try to keep our blog informative, useful, and as a resource for all of your information technology needs. But sometimes – we need to shake it up. We found some of the internet’s most cringe-worthy photos of cable management (Can you really even call these “management”?!) To our surprise, this seems to happen enough that there’s an entire social media site on Reddit roasting the worst structured cabling projects.  


Welcome to this week’s round up of the WORST cabling fails of all time. 

Here’s what NOT to do…. and if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, please call us.


Fail #1 – A Cry for Help

Our technicians might actually cry.

Credit: Reddit 



Fail #2 – “They Asked Me to Find TV 6”

Maybe check the Post Its on the wall….. 

Credit: Reddit



Fail #3 – Just Run 

“Yeah, it’s just the yellow cable on the right…..”

Credit: Reddit



Fail #4 – Found in a Building of Engineers 

Why? WHY?

Credit: Reddit 



Fail #5 – Guts Hanging Out 

Did it just move….?

Credit: Reddit


If your cabling looks even somewhat similar to images 1-5…. Have no fear! LVS is here

03 Jun 2019

The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) recently unveiled 5 trends that are driving the replacement of copper-based networks with passive optical LAN in order to meet the connectivity demands of smart buildings. 

The Cloud:

As servers in buildings become less common, the demand for software-as-a-service (SaaS) are increasing because of the move to cloud based environments. Classic copper based LAN has a hard time keeping up with the pace requirement to carry traffic between computers in an organization. In contrast, POL environments are able to accommodate the shift effectively by connecting users/employees to their SaaS applications in the cloud. 

Data Growth:

An example of how data growth is pushing limits of traditional infrastructure is 4k video – and it continues to grow. The future is predicted to bring an abundance of growth in traditional business data, and even more growth in sensor data. Fiber is the 21st-century media for LAN. POL enables capacity growth at a fraction of the cabling and equipment required for classic LAN. This also decreases capital and operating expenses. 

IoT on the Rise:

A smart building isn’t a smart building if the sensors, devices, and systems in the building don’t connect efficiently to the LAN. Previous LAN technology was not designed to support networks robust enough to stay ahead of device growth. 

Density Demand:

WiFi continues to advance and carry more traffic to support a large number of devices in smaller areas. No matter how many devices one person has connected, they still expect to have fast accessibility. This number continues to increase rapidly and density will eventually become an issue for copper-based LAN.

Chair of the APOLAN’s marketing committee, Mario Blandini, commented, “A smart building can be thought of as an ecosystem, a dynamic entity with many devices of varying age that need to communicate and depend on each other. If a smart building’s ecosystem was the human body, passive optical LAN would be the central nervous system, transmitting vast amounts of data with seamless connectivity and communications, regardless of the various components in the network.”

From hospitality, education, government and healthcare, to corporate environments, POL allows buildings and campuses to achieve improved efficiency at a lower cost, and supports green buildings and more-efficient spaces by providing a future-proof and high-speed infrastructure to keep pace with today and tomorrow’s technology demands.



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