26 Mar 2019

We are excited to announce that as of March 11, 2019, Joe Verdi will be joining the LVS team as a Security Specialist. Joe started his career in the security industry in 1997 while he was in college. He realized he had a strong passion for the industry and what it has to offer and began pursing bigger opportunities to elevate his career. Using this approach, Joe was able to gain intensive, hands-on experience from the design phase to final commissioning.

Over his 20 year career, Joe has worked in a variety of industries and environments. His experience ranges from a general office environment to a high threat post in the Middle East for the government. With such a diverse portfolio in security projects and environments, Joe has been able to provide unique solutions to complex security requirements.

Through his 20 year career, Joe has built strong relationships and completed several certifications with many of the industry manufacturers. Joe is a Certified Security Project Manager (CSMP) and a Certified Systems Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP). His vast number of manufacturer certifications allow him to provide each and every project with its specific needs and requirements.

Additional Manufacturer Certifications:

  • Software House CCURE 800
  • Software House CCURE 9000
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • American Dynamics VideoEdge
  • Genetec 
  • Milestone
  • Avigilon
  • Feenics
  • Vanderbilt
  • Salient
  • DMP
  • Keyscan
  • Dedicated Micros
  • PCSC
  • Vindicator

We are excited to have Joe’s security expertise on our team to continue pursing our mission of providing comprehensive information technology systems to customers in various industry sectors that allow them to operate at peak performance.

We look forward helping with your next security system project!

21 Mar 2019

We have been keeping busy the first quarter of 2019 – and don’t expect that to slow down anytime soon. We have a solid pipeline for the rest of the year and are excited to keep pushing through 2019. We are humbled and honored to be a trusted contractor to our customers and look forward to delivering the LVS mission. 


RECENTLY COMPLETED: Silver Oaks Behavioral Hospital 

Our team completed the cabling for voice, data, cameras, speakers, card access, and panic buttons for Silver Oaks Behavioral Hospital. Backbone cables – fiber & 100 pairs – were install between two TR Rooms.We used Honeywell card access systems, Panduit Connectivity for voice and data, Hanwha cameras, and Atlas Sound System & Amp. We had the pleasure of working with Block Electric and Securitas on this project. Big thank you to our technicians, Mike Moss and Chris Carroll, for their hard work and dedication to this project.
Silver Cross Hospital, a project we completed in 2010, will transfer patients to Silver Oaks to continue providing the best patient care.

UPCOMING: Countryside Municipal HQ

This month, we will be installing a complete structured cabling system using a Commscope Category 6A shielded end to end solution in the Countryside Municipal Headquarters. We will also be including the MDF closet. We will be taking on the project with electrical contractor Hy-Power Electric and general contractor Fredrick Quinn Corp.



UPCOMING: Rosalind Franklin University

We are excited to be a part of the new Innovation and Research Park at Rosalind Franklin University project. The new addition will be a four-story, 100,000 square-foot addition to its North Chicago Campus.





UPCOMING: Lyondell-Bassell

LVS and MEADE Electric have been working with Harbour Construction on a design assist since September of 2017. We provided the design for Fire Alarm, Structured Cabling, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Paging and Sound Masking. We will be starting our work on site April 9th with a substantial completion date set for the end of August.

19 Mar 2019
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Fiber enables connectivity in a variety of environments. With the success of your business depending on the speed and bandwidth of your network, you must demand the best. Regardless of the application, the quality of the cable used will determine how much data is transmitted quickly and dependably. A fiber infrastructure can offer many benefits over twisted-pair cabling for AV applications.

What are the benefits?

  • Futureproofing
    • When you’re installing anything in your building, you want it to last for a while! Standards for AV distribution are constantly changing, and with improving video quality (to 4K and beyond) and the addition of HDR and deep color information, it’s important for the technology being used to distribute that video to be ready for today’s standards and the standards of the future. Traditional copper networks are likely not going to be able to keep up, but fiber can handle 25 Gbps and beyond. With fiber, you don’t have to worry about replacing the cable as video evolves – just change a few components and you’re good to go.
  • Longer Distances
    • Copper can encounter issues transmitting data at 100m/330ft. So what do you do when you need to transmit over longer distances? Fiber is the solution, and it’s perfect for tons of AV applications, including campus-wide AV systems, large conference centers and lecture halls. 
  • Better Performance
    • The last thing you want when you’re setting up your AV system is even the possibility of interference. Electrical signals pick up noise, especially from other AV cables, but also from radio frequency, lightning strikes, temperature variations or electromagnetic interference. Fiber cables, though, are immune. You don’t have to worry about interference with fiber cables, so you’ll see better performance from your AV system.
  • More Lightweight
    • With everything you have to take into consideration when installing an AV system, anything that can ease the process helps. Smaller and lighter fiber cables are easier and faster to transport and install than copper cables.

Low Voltage Solutions can provide the cutting-edge technology for many types of audio visual projects. Whether it’s projector systems in classrooms or sound systems and video displays in meeting rooms – our team can help increase overall usability for your business. Not only do we provide the commercial audio visual systems to increase your business’ functionality, we also provide sound masking systems to decrease distractions and increase productivity within your building.

Out of all audio visual contractors, we believe our ability to tailor the design and technology to any project sets us apart. Whatever your purpose may be – entertaining or educating – Low Voltage Solutions is prepared to handle your audio visual installation services.

Check out one of our audio visual system projects here.