26 Oct 2018

In recent years, security systems in businesses have become a necessity rather than a suggestion. Your business is an investment worth the best possible protection. Most of the time, entrepreneurs don’t consider the investment in business security before it’s too late. Companies are facing more risk as technology keeps advancing. Investing in commercial security systems may be costly at first, but the expenses justify themselves in the long run.

Let’s talk about why:

Protect Your Assests

Any loss of an asset in a company can cause trouble. These assets are more than just machines and equipment – they are your employees. Businesses should strive to provide their people with a safe and secure work environment. A security system will provide protection and allow workers to do their jobs without fear. An access control system will prevent unwanted parties getting into the building and video surveillance will  capture any unauthorized party that does try to enter the building. A fire alarm and intercom systems will help notify your employees in the case of an emergency. 

Remote Access Monitoring 

Today’s alarm systems offer a broad range of features – including remote access control. Business owners are now able to watch over their businesses 24/7 from anywhere. This provides a security solution for any situation that may arise. It also provides the company with another layer of protection in an emergency situation. If something where to happen after hours or during a holiday, management will be notified and can address the situation while they are away from the premise. 

Dissuade Crime 

Just the physical aspect of have a security camera visible on the outside can deter criminals from attempting to break into your facility. It also makes employees less likely to engage in criminal behavior as they know the premise is under surveillance. 

As there are many benefits to commercial security systems, business owners are starting to take a deeper look into the investment. A huge benefit of working with a low voltage contractor is that they can design a system based upon your exact needs and layout of your building. Security systems are not meant for a “one -size-fits-all” type of approach. It takes expertise, understanding, and a customer first point of view. 

Low Voltage Solutions is an experienced provider or commercial security systems. Whether it’s video, intercom, access control, or fire alarm systems, we take pride in our security system work. If you are interested in improving the way your protect your company, we would love to help. Get in touch here!


10 Oct 2018

The City of Chicago Council passed O2018-6172 – Amendment of Municipal Code Titles 4 and 13 regarding electrical contractor registration and related trade licensing on September 20, 2018. These updates will give union contractors a huge advantage for high rise construction next year. Here are the details:

In Section 4-290-020 of the Municipal Code of Chicago has the amended definition of an electrician. 

There are also changes in classification requirements for Class 1 and Class 2 contractors:

The definition of Class 1 from the Municipal Code Of Chicago, 13-56-080  Class C-1, large assembly units is as follows: sssembly units having a capacity of 300 persons or more in one room or space, other than schools, shall be classified as Class C-1, large assembly units. (Prior code § 48-4.1)

For more information on the ordinance, check out the official documents here.


The ordinance is set to be enforced on July 1, 2019 and is a huge advantage to union electrical and low voltage contractors in the area. Low Voltage Solutions is a proud union contractor with IBEW Local 134. We are excited to see what next year has in store!


04 Oct 2018

Serviced-based location businesses – restaurants, hair salons, medical offices, bars and more – are offering their customers free WiFi. It’s very attractive to customers and plays a role in the decision making process. Review sites like Yelp or Google are now using WiFi as a category in the ratings. It is becoming more of a demand as we begin to rely very heavily on technology and its devices. If you are a business choosing to provide WiFi access to your customers, educate yourself on the potential issues and how to protect your business. 


Keep it Fast & Trustworthy 

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow internet – and nearly everyone has had the ‘freak out’ moment when their internet goes out. Businesses do not want to risk that frustration happening with their own customers. If your current network is patchy & slow, it may be time to take a look at the  quality of your business’s structured cabling

Outdated Hardware

If you think that your cabling, routers, etc. need to be updated and replaced – it’s time to call the experts. Providers, like us, can make specific recommendations that fit both your needs and budget. It takes away the headache of continuously trying to find cause of the issue,  which just elongates the amount of down time you have. This protects you from frustrated customers and employees. 


As technology continues to grow, so does the required amount of bandwidth to support the number of devices on the network. A quick calculation to estimate the amount of bandwidth your business needs, just use 120 kilobits per second for each user you need to support at your busiest time of the day. You will then know if you need to upgrade your system or look into other possible issues that can cause slow connections. It’s always best practice to give a bit of padding within your bandwidth to anticipate technology growth. 

Cyber Security 

The big one: security. Both public and private WiFi networks need to be as secure as possible. With online hacks becoming an everyday occurrence, protective measures need to be taken to protect your business’s and employee’s information. WEP (“Wired Equivalent Privacy”) used to be the general protocol, but is now risky and known to have a number of weaknesses. Now, WPA “WiFi Protected Access” is stronger, and WPA2 even stronger. WPA2 are two security protocols and security certification programs developed to secure wireless computer networks. 


Think you might be having trouble with your business’s WiFi network? Let us know here and we would be happy to help protect your business!