07 Sep 2018

Remember the days when you had to pay for internet in a hotel?

Or had to go to the hotel business center to check your email?

Now, we expect hotels to be equipped with proper information technology the moment we check in. Maybe it’s using the hotel application on our smart phones to pull up the reservation or connecting your tablet to the WiFi in order to watch Netflix in your room. Consumers bring their devices everywhere, so the ability to have a strong network and connect anywhere in the hotel is more important than in-room amenities. Technology is essential not only to the consumers, but also the employees and staff. It improves productivity in making process quicker, as well as communicating with guests in a more efficient manner. 

How can hotels benefit from being “smart”?

Managing Rooms Remotely 

Hotel apps are becoming more common as technology continues to advance and hotels are realizing the ROI on incorporating smart technologies. Some hotels’ applications are quipped with technology to unlock your door with your smart phone – gone are the days of losing your key. Recently, hotels are now investing in technology that can control HVAC, lighting, and television through devices as well. This can also be beneficial to hotel staff in reducing downtime and anticipating maintenance needs. Hilton is implementing “connected rooms” which allows employees to be alerted when the room is in need of assistance or simply needs batteries replaced.

Improved Energy Management 

When hotels are using Internet of Things technology to stay connected, they can communicate various amounts of information through devices. For example, when a guest leaves their room, sensors can detect their absence and turn down the AC and lighting. This saves the hotel a lot of power usage and energy with minimal effort. The industry statistics say that rooms are empty 50% of the time due to social gatherings, meeting, etc. Over time, that is a huge amount of money saved. All of this is done automatically with zero manual intervention.

Happier Guests 

What hotel doesn’t want their guests happy with their stay!? With all the technology consumers have connected at home – Alexa, Siri, and even Nest thermostats – they can feel like that are right at home with their similar devices. The J.D. Power 2017 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study shows that a hotel’s incorporation of technology like mobile apps and functionality is associated with higher guest satisfaction levels. As hotels continue to anticipate the needs of their customers, they are providing a better experience for all.

Low Voltage Solutions can help hotels in the industry that are looking to better customer satisfaction, decrease energy usage, and make communication throughout their building more efficient and productive. Contact us here to talk more!