18 Apr 2018

Why investing in a data cabling network will save your organization time and money

Out of the million pieces that go into building a business – the building itself, finances, employees, customers, and the list goes on – but what is the most important part? All play a key role in an institution’s success and growth. But a strong IT infrastructure of structured data cabling is the backbone of managing and scaling that success. A well-organized and current infrastructure is one of the biggest assets an organization can invest it. They enable employees to perform more efficiently, productively, and helps increase revenue while lowering costs.

Common issues with poorly designed networks:

Low voltage drawings of data cabling networks in new construction plans are one of the last sections to be designed. It is certainly not the least. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are waiting to invest in their IT systems until real problems occur.

Disorganization: Structured cabling networks are prone to become disorderly if not designed and implemented with expertise. The business then must spend unnecessary resources on a number firms to repair, reinstall, and maintain their networks. This results in a confusing, inaccurate structured cabling network costing the firm precious time and resources.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues: Every business requires an internet provider and connectivity throughout its building(s). If the structured cabling is not up-to-date or is installed incorrectly, a business runs into massive communication problems. Businesses are expected to have strong, stable Wi-Fi now more than ever. With the number of devices that rely on wireless connection, businesses can simply not afford to risk any issues.

Lack of Protection: Having a backup structured cabling network is just as important as the network itself. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects businesses in case of a power outage. A loss of service would cause businesses detrimental problems. Again, most organizations do not address the possible situations until it becomes a reality.

Unprepared for the Future: Technology continues to advance faster than most businesses can keep up with. Well organized, up-to-date structured cabling systems allows for easy upgrades as innovation continues in the industry.


These extremely damaging scenarios are preventable. Investing in an efficient, consistent structured cabling network will not only prepare an organization for the future, it will also save money and resources.


Low Voltage Solutions specializes in providing seamless design and installation for any size structured cabling network. For the last 21 years, we have been helping businesses in various industries prevent these issues and provide them with an environment for success. Let us know how we can help your network!

09 Apr 2018

 Where We Began:

Low Voltage Solutions has had the pleasure of building a strong relationship with Silver Cross Hospital over the last few years. In 2008, Silver Cross Hospital broke ground on its new 289-bed facility over the 76-acre parcel. As such a large healthcare facility, Silver Cross was in need of constant, strong connectivity within their information technology systems.  From the hospital’s beginning, we built the 21 telecommunication rooms, information technology systems throughout, and the hospital’s data center. After finishing up the new hospital in 2012, we have continued to maintain and expand on the hospital’s technology, provide ongoing technical support, and continue to grow with the hospital.


Where We’ve Been:

Recently, we have been helping Silver Cross Hospital in various expansions and updates of their data networks. Silver Cross Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit needed an expansion of GE’s DAS antenna system in order to improve patient monitoring. We provided the hospital with additional coverage and technology so they can continue to provide exceptional care. In addition, we have been doing work inside of the Sterile processing department as they are continuing to expand as well. This department manages the cleaning and sterilizing of physician equipment and store the clean items used in day to day procedures. We have also been over at Silver Cross Hospital’s Prairie Glen location in Lemont to assist in updating the facility’s network.


Where We’re Going:

As the hospital continues to expand on its campus, we are thrilled to be involved with their new developments. In the spring, we will be starting work on their new Mental Health Facility called Silver Oaks, located just across the street from the main hospital. We’ll be installing various information technology systems including; voice, data, card access, speakers, and burglar alarm cabling & devices throughout the new facility. Silver Cross Hospital is also looking at an expansion of their data network from the hospital to the Southwest Gastro building.


We are proud to deliver the most comprehensive information technology systems, infrastructures, and solutions for our customers in a broad range of industry sectors. Check out other project highlights here.  Let’s talk about how we can help you on your next project!