23 Mar 2018

Let’s start with the basics: What is an access control system (ACS)? 

An access control system is a type of security technology that assists in the management and control of who or what is permitted to enter a certain area, building, or environment. A typical access control system is designed with an access control list specifically requested by the user or business – which authorizes or denies entry. With the end user in mind, access control technology is made with intuitive features for ease of use.



(Image from Keyscan Access Control Systems)

How can access control systems benefit businesses ?

     1. Increases Safety

Not only do access control systems eliminate the risk of unwanted guests or intruders, they also eliminate the use of keys – which can be easily duplicated. In addition, access control systems allow businesses to restrict employee access from certain areas for their protection. Whether it is protecting employees from a room of hazardous chemicals or preventing theft from supply closets, access control systems increase companywide safety significantly.

     2. Customized Systems

With an access control system, businesses can customize access on an individualized basis. If employees only work certain hours of the day, the system can be designed to restrict access after the allocated time frame. If there are certain employees that need 24 hours of access, that can be programmed as well.

     3. Monitors Activity

Access control systems also log a plethora of information for the end user. The system can not only track who is coming through the door, but also at what time and date the specific employee entered the building. This is a huge advantage in keeping a building controlled, secure and protected.

     4. Network Compatible

Access control systems can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures. They give flexible design options to incorporate any number or doors and/or buildings within the company. Access control systems are also a part of an integrated security system – along with security cameras, alarms, and P.A. systems.

(Image from Keri Systems Incorporated)

Low Voltage Solutions is partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers of access control system products – as well as many others in all areas of integrated security. We would love to help design and install your company’s integrated security system to keep your building safe, secure, and controlled.

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