18 Jan 2018

To kick-off 2018, we are excited to announce that LVS is now an authorized distributor for Johnson Controls’ AUTOCALL Fire Alarm products.  AUTOCALL products were a mainstay for many years. In 2017, after merging with Tyco, Johnson Controls relaunched AUTOCALL products, bringing back its great reputation for safe, secure, and innovative fire products.

What can AUTOCALL products do for you?

Johnson Controls’ AUTOCALL products are a brand of fire detection systems that provide a full range of control panels that are in line with the industry’s latest technology. The flexibility of the products allows us to adapt to the unique needs of any project. With these systems, we will be able to take on any size job – whether it’s a single office building or multi-level facility. The PC-based command center, TrueSite Workstation, puts the monitoring and management of your entire system in the palm of your hand – including your Apple or Android device.

The engineering and technology industry is looking as solid as ever in 2018. AUTOCALL products will play a huge role in LVS’s opportunities and successes in the new year. These products offer solutions like self-testing of notification appliances and preventing disruption to building operations and occupants. Not to mention, the speakers have the clarity to notify anyone of an emergency, as well as play music during work hours. In addition to these innovative benefits, AUTOCALL products come with comprehensive training and technical support – anytime, anywhere.

AUTOCALL products will play a huge role in LVS’s opportunities and successes in the new year.

We at LVS are dedicated to our customers. We believe AUTOCALL products will help provide the protection expected from a leading fire detection system and give our customers the innovative edge that 2018 requires. As our customers always come first, we are proud to have the opportunity to provide such a high-quality, innovative brand to partner with.

Interested in adding the protection of Johnson Controls’ AUTOCALL products to your fire detection system?  Email us at info@lvsolutions.com or call 630-434-9600.